Samsung will mass-produce microLED panels: replacing OLED?

The microLED display panel is seen as the next generation of self-illuminating display panels after OLED, and Samsung has shown the New Wall TV for the first time at last year’s CES 2018. The main advantage of the microLED display panel is that each pixel is made up of actual light-emitting diodes, providing a better viewing angle, brighter display brightness, higher contrast, and more. Now, sources say Samsung is ready to mass-produce microLED panels.

Samsung will mass-produce microLED panels: replacing OLED?

Samsung Electronics is currently seeking to invest in factories and equipment that meet its requirements to begin mass production of the micolED display panel next year, ETNews reported. Samsung is reportedly already evaluating the relevant microLED production equipment. And has shared the production plan of microLED with partners. In response, a representative of the equipment manufacturer said Samsung has been testing the performance and quality of key equipment, hoping to make investments in the first half of next year.

A representative of another device manufacturer also said Samsung intended to start production in the first half of next year, but has yet to decide on the exact scale of production, and they are still waiting for Samsung. Samsung will reportedly not make a decision until after next year’s CES International Consumer Electronics Show. In addition, we can also look forward to what new products Samsung will bring to US at CES2020, especially smart home products and TV products.

However, as for Samsung’s production of microLED panels, industry insiders say That TFT production has not yet reached the level required to meet microLED production on a large scale. In addition, in the early stages of microLED production, Samsung may use equipment from companies other than South Korea.

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