Which fast food beef is more at ease? McDonald’s slightly better, Burger King/Pizza Hut lose

How do a wide range of fast food brands choose? Taste is of course the most important, and the safety of raw materials is also worth paying attention to. The Natural Resources Defense Council has released a report called Chain Reaction V, which surveyed top25 fast-food brands across the Country and found that it monitors, manages and raises the prices of antibiotics for beef it buys.

Four of the 25 brands do not offer beef products, so it was 21 of them on the list.

In the report, Chipotle received an “A” rating, with the most stringent and well-developed beef antibiotic input and circulation management, the second best done by Panera.

McDonald’s, the nation’s biggest beef buyer, only got the C, but it’s a leap from last year’s “F.” McDonald’s has pledged to conduct an audit of beef suppliers and make the results public from 2022.


Also getting “C” was “Subway” and Wendy’s was rated D-plus.

You may have found that the most familiar “KFC” seems not to be within it, but Yum’s Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are all at the bottom, and KFC can imagine. Also bottom and well-known to us brands are Starbucks, Burger King, DQ and so on.

While antibiotics help boost livestock production and ensure farmers and herdsmen’s benefits, infectious disease experts fear it could lead to the spread of drug-resistant bacteria to humans, the team said. It is reported that 160,000 people die each year from anti-drug bacteria in the United States, four times the number of deaths from car accidents and sharks.

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