NIO day 2019 summary

As the most topical of the new force car-making camp, 2019 is also a tough road for NIO. In addition to the ES8 catching fire and funding problems it is known to have faced in 2019, the competitive pressure from traditional luxury brands and new energy vehicles that entered the market at the end of the year is also increasing. But from the second half of the ES6 delivery, NIO has continued to bring us good news, and as the end-of-year NIO Day, which also released a number of exciting new models and products on the night of December 28th, our editor for everyone combs out the most valuable information.

  • 1 NIO EC6

As the third brand-new model of NIO Automobile, the NIO EC6 adopts the current popular hatchback design while maintaining the original family design style. With the launch of the Tesla Model Y next year and the launch of the NIO EC6, the 2020 coupe SUV will be a new trend in the all-electric car space, with the EC6 more suited to the perfect blend of fashion personality and technological intelligence than the more conventional SUV and sedan sectors.

The host did not announce the price of the EC6, Li Bin explained: next year Tesla’s Model Y will also enter China, so They want to reserve more flexible space, the price will be announced in July next year, and will be officially delivered in September. However, the new car from now on can be officially booked, the booking money is 2000 yuan, can be used to deducted by 5000 RMB when delivered.

Judging from the car at the launch, the NIO EC6 has the same style design as the ES6. The front-face X-Bar is designed to be quite sci-fi, while the size of the ES6 also gives the Coupe a burly figure. If not unexpected, the new car is also equipped with full LED headlights and an active lying forward grille, allowing the vehicle to obtain a lower wind resistance at high speed swearate to increase the range, the vehicle’s wind resistance coefficient of 0.27.

At the same time as a cross-border hatchback SUV, its roof line has a more fluid design, compared to the BMW X4/Benz GLC Coue and other models, the EC6 does not over-pursue the downward roof line, rounded and smooth lines from the B-pillar began to fall, to ensure that the rear passenger’s head space is comfortable enough. At the same time, the C-pillar does not use the easy suspension roof design on the ES8/ES6, with a slightly upturned ducktail at the tail for a more dynamic visual effect. It is worth mentioning that the EC6 uses a glass roof with an area of 2.1m2, a light transmission rate of 15%, effectively isolating 99.5% UV.

In terms of power, the new car is still equipped with two different power systems, the sports version of the model is equipped with a 160kW permanent magnet motor and the higher-order version of the model equipped with the front 160kW permanent magnet motor plus after 240kW AC asynchronous induction motor, its maximum output total power of 320/400kW, the maximum output torque of 610/725N.m, 100 km acceleration performance distribution of 5.6/4.7. At the same time the vehicle can choose and 70kWh / 100kWh two different sizes of battery pack, with a maximum of 615km nEDC range.

In fact, when The Coupe model information was revealed, as the owner of the car I am still surprised, thought That NIO will be in order to go for the release of compact SUV ES3. But on reflection, the launch of Coupe is also a different approach. Let’s not say that its model Y and other models are about to form a direct competitive relationship situation, as far as The Es8/ES6 deliveries alone have been able to meet the monthly operating costs, and coupe models are more in line with the image of The Young As a young car brand in the minds of consumers, which will be more competitive in the face of other luxury brands in 2020. After all, It’s not just about meeting the need to survive, it’s about making the brand the same as other traditional luxury brands.

  • 2 NIO ES8

The new NIO ES8, which was unveiled in december by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also debuted on NIO Day along with the EC6 model. The new car is based on the current model upgrade, compared to the current model, this time the upgrade optimized a total of 188 functions, one sentence summary is that “product strength beyond the ES6 once again become the flagship SUV of NIO”. In addition to the most concerned about the owner of the battery and powertrain aspects of the changes, the new car also in the original appearance and interior on the basis of a lot of optimization, ES8 owners envy THE ES6 equipped with things this time in the new ES8 are all complete, which makes ES8 once again has a strong product competitiveness.

In terms of appearance, the new NIO ES8 continues the design style of the old model, with a more refined X-BAR front face design with a more aggressive air field than the ES6, a slightly more striking look than the ES6, and an added Antarctic blue new annual color. As a car company that listens to users, It has adopted the most user feedback on the upgrade, upgrading the charging cover on both sides to a smart electric on, while the tail lights are flowing and the skyline is increased with high-level brake lights. In addition, the iBooster 2.0 electronic power-assisted braking system, ESP 9.3 body stability control system, not only has better kinetic energy recovery efficiency, but also maintain the original 100 km brake distance of 33.8 meters outstanding results. At the same time retain the original flagship configuration, such as the original aluminum body, air suspension, horse MC6 high-performance tires, Brembo four-piston brake caliperand and so on.

The interior section, the new ES8 exceeds the ES6’s interior texture and configuration level, with the option of the critically acclaimed Microfiber ultra-velvet canopy and premium Nappa leather to enhance the luxurious texture of its interior, while improvements in detailsuch as electric leg lift, air conditioning outlet decoration, etc. are upgraded after adopting the owner’s advice Greatly enhances comfort and luxury. In terms of configuration, the 10.4-inch thick-bezel centerscreen and 8.8-inch full LCD dashboard, which are hit by the ES8 owner, are also upgraded to 11.3 inches and 9.8 inches, respectively, while the cute NOMI Mate has also been upgraded to version 2.0 with the automotive industry’s first AMOLED round screen, and is expected to be open to existing owners for hardware upgrades in the near future.

The most concerned about the battery life and power aspects of the same changes, the new NIO ES8 not only equipped with 100kWh battery pack, while the front motor replaced with a permanent magnetic synchronous motor, the front motor maximum power of 160kW (218PS) after the motor is still asynchronous induction motor, the maximum power of 240kW (326PS). The power of the 400kW (544PS) still allows the ES8 to easily enter the four-second club, but the result is a significant increase in battery life, with a 580km NEDC battery life with a 100kWh battery pack. Since then, short sailing is no longer the largest shortboard of the Es8.

In the new energy vehicle market in 2020, the new ES8 will also face more powerful traditional luxury brand competitors, compared to the configuration, the new ES8 is more cost-effective than the price, the new ES8 configuration is more abundant. Overall, the new ES8 has significantly improved both in terms of exterior interior design and configuration materials, and I believe that the luxury SUV camp will be very competitive in the future.

3 . 100kWh battery pack

The biggest factor affecting the battery life of electric vehicles is the battery capacity, and the long-standing short board that has plagued ES8ES6 has been fundamentally addressed after the release of the 100kWh battery pack. The new Vere ES8 will have nearly 600km of NEDC battery life, which will allow it to take over the vast majority of vehicle scenarios, whether it’s a high-speed commute or daily driving. At the same time, with the perfect power transfer system, ES8/ES6 will be one of the best new energy vehicles with the car experience.

The feasibility of battery upgrade is based on the unique power change mode to be completed, from the initial 70kWh battery pack, to the later 84kWh and 100kWh battery pack, if the battery technology year by year development and battery pack long-term use of performance failure is you hesitate to start electric car trouble, then choose to have a power change mode of the NIO can solve this problem.

From the known information, 100kWh battery pack will be available as soon as the fourth quarter of 2020, users only need to spend from 70kWh upgrade to 100kWh cost 58,000 yuan or 1280 yuan / month, the founding version of the user and before March 31, 2019, Dading users can enjoy a 6 percent discount, (after the discount price is 34800 RMB or 768 RMB / month). The installation process is also quite convenient, with only notification to the delivery center or the nearby substation replacement. If you only occasionally need to use a large battery pack for long-distance travel, then you can also choose the battery rental way to temporarily obtain this 100kWh battery pack, for limited funds but want to have a good performance at a critical moment, is the perfect solution.

4. 20kW Home DC Charging Pile

In NIO Day, NIO also released a 20kW home DC charging pile (requiring 380V three-phase power support), which will greatly improve the efficiency of the home charging pile, which takes only 5 hours to complete the 100kWh battery pack charging.

In addition to the above announcement on NIO Day today, there are a number of things to watch about the move of NIO during december. All indications are that NIO is gradually moving past the difficult early situation, the early investment in the operation and user maintenance costs are also positive feedback to the development of NIO automobile. This also makes us look forward to 2020 will be able to bring more surprises to the new energy vehicle sector.

1, the locomotive system updated to 2.4.0 version, the owners of the highest voice of the snow mode and seat memory / comfort entry function finally appeared, just in time for the northern cooling snow, can be said to be quite timely;

2, the service worry-free package, will also be in the next year there will be new changes, perhaps we look forward to personalized service options to be realized, so that resources are more fully utilized without resulting in waste;

3, Xpeng super-charge formally added to NIO App charging map, two new energy vehicle brands strong combination, the two sides to cover the whole process of query, use, payment, to a certain extent, expand the coverage of charging facilities, to further improve the user charging efficiency and charging convenience;

4, December 12, the 20,000th ES8 delivery in Shanghai, December 19th, the 100000th ES6 delivered in Beijing, since July 2019, The delivery of the five consecutive months of growth, in the new energy vehicle cold winter against the market up;

5, NIO ES8 landed on DIDI luxury car platform , the service is first available in Shenzhen, users can travel in the DIDI luxury car interface, directly choose NIO ES8 as a ride. This move will enhance the spread of reputation in the high-end consumer population, it is a wise move;

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