Toyota unveils new robot: remotely operated to care for the elderly

Japanese media say the population is ageing and the need for specific help is growing, but there is a lack of funding and caregivers to help. Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp. thinks it can solve the problem. The company’s latest humanoid robot, the T-HR3, was remotely controlled by a human operator at the Tokyo International Robotics Fair on December 18, Reuters reported.

Toyota unveils new robot: remotely operated to care for the elderly

The robot’s glasses allow the operator to see what the robot sees, and gloves make them feel what the robot is touching – enough to allow the operator to pour a glass of water through the robot or complete other delicate tasks done by hand. All of these actions are done by remote control.

“People can take care of people when they’re not there, ” says the manager of Toyota Motor Corp.’s humanoid robotics division. “

He points out that caregivers can also harness the power of robots: “People who are not strong enough can do heavy work remotely.” “

Another demand for care- and active lying to the elderly is the work of the Orthobot robot, made by Suncor.

A backpack on the back controls the movement of a long winding band, helping the legs to stretch out.

“We want to break down barriers for people who can’t walk and don’t want to go out, ” says Suncor’s Takahashi Ridge. We want them to have a good social life. “

About 130,000 people will visit the International Robot Exhibition, which closed on the 21st.

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