Junior Dong Yuanxuan’s Entrepreneurial Plan: I’m Fit to Be CEO

When I first met Dong Yuan, the 14-year-old boy, dressed in a dark blue suit, revealed a hint of maturity. But he just after class to run up and jump up, a little long middle point Liu Hai with the run to fly up. The beijing New Talent International School junior high school students, in an interview just met the principal, he raised the question is “the school can teach a sub-science course teachers, if not, can recruit a.”

Junior Dong Yuanxuan's Entrepreneurial Plan: I'm Fit to Be CEO

Dong Yuanxuan, who has a high IQ, is passionate about technology, has the power to act and express his opinions and appeals directly, as if he were the teenage sheldon Cooper who removed the hyperbole from the American drama “The Big Bang of Life.”

This week, Dong Yuanxuan’s team’s underwater robot project, just won the third China Industrial Design Exhibition “Belt and Road Innovation Design Top 100 Award” hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology International Center for Economic and Technical Cooperation, and won the “Academy Excellence Program Innovation Design Excellence Award” with the highest score in the whole field.

A few days ago, Dong Yuanxuan had just completed a roadshow for his underwater robot project. In the future, a foundation at Ohio State University will further cooperate with his project. In addition, he is writing a business plan in the hope of getting financing from the principal.

Underwater Robot Entrepreneurship

The love of technology has nothing to do with the eyes and ears at home. Dong Yuanxuan’s family environment is excellent, his father graduated from Tsinghua University, when he was an engineering student, now engaged in the financial industry, and his mother is a professor at Beijing Union University.

Dong Yuanxuan’s interest in science and technology began in mathematics, and after experiencing the development of mathematics to thinking, his exploration of the world naturally extended to science. In Dong Yuanxuan’s words, “thinking exercise to a certain extent, will find science more fun.” “

The school teacher’s evaluation of him is also an exhibition of books. He himself said that a large number of popular science books prepared for him by his parents at home had been read. Today, Station B is another important channel for him to learn new things, and recently he is learning to make PCB boards.

Dong Yuanxuan has his own ideas about what he needs to learn. “I need to know a lot of things, in order, what is most needed to learn first. For example, if you want to do a vending machine, you will find similar videos. “

Because in boarding schools, Dong Yuanxuan’s life is mainly composed of two parts, classes and to the school’s “i-creative space” to do creation.

Class is easy for Dong Yuan, according to himself, even if the naked test, there are a few courses can take the first. Because of the formation of “more advanced learning habits, including previews, classes generally only listen to the focus, other times, the brain will be about the career aspects of things.” “

His career is a reference to the underwater robotics competition hosted by Ohio State University this year. Dong and his team designed an underwater robot that is more like an open source platform for underwater operations.

Unlike the current need for different robots to complete different underwater operations, Dong Yuanxuan team developed a robot, by replacing different robotic arms to complete different underwater tasks, the robot arm can be developed by different teams from all over the world.

As the competition has received a lot of recognition, Dong Yuanxuan saw the market demand, he already has the project landing to start a business ideas and plans. He is preparing to register a company for the project and seek financing.

Dong Yuanxuan uses combustible ice mining, underwater shooting, dam maintenance, aquaculture and other applications to try to explain the market prospects of underwater robots.

The most profitable companies are oil companies, he says, and if the problem of mining combustible ice is solved, the most valuable company in the future could be combustible ice companies. The use of underwater robots for aquaculture fishing has broken the depth limits of diver fishing operations, and the aquaculture range can be extended from 50 to 150 metres, and the aquaculture area has expanded several times since the continental shelf is a slope. In addition, underwater robot operations eliminate the dangers of artificial fishing, physical harm to divers, and waste of human capital of aquaculture off-season divers.

Dong’s explanation is that he believes the company is the most effective form of organization for innovative applications, just as Elon Musk’s SpaceX is more efficient than NASA’s.

Second, the project exists in the form of a company, which guarantees the long-term sustainability of the project. At present, the team members are students of the school junior high school, will not be caused by the graduation of members and other factors lead to the natural disintegration of the project. Moreover, the introduction of financing can bring higher levels of talent to the company. In partnership with the Ohio State University Foundation, two graduate students will be brought to the project.

Start your business ahead of time

Entrepreneurship is an inevitable event in Dong Yuan’s life planning. When he was involved in a drone project in the fifth grade, he had the idea of starting a business, except for the lack of funds, and the project died as the primary school graduation team dispersed.

In this 14-year-old’s plan, entrepreneurship should have taken place at undergraduate or graduate levels. But he observes that in recent years technology has accelerated, suitable for his own entrepreneurial fields, and that it has emerged earlier than his own personal plans. In his own words, if you enter the underwater robot market in a few years, it will not be a market that high school students can get.

Although it sounds like some days, talking about his own entrepreneurial projects, Dong Yuanxuan is very serious, “Now i as a CEO of the company, I first consider the development of the company, second consider product development, third consider how to survive this year, how to find investment.” “

Originally thought that they are more suitable to do CTO or researcher, but after this entrepreneurial experience, Dong Yuanxuan changed his mind, he felt that the CEO or really lead the team’s development direction role is more suitable for themselves, the company needs to control the direction of development.

Dong Yuanxuan’s answer to whether he enjoys doing research and entrepreneurship is: “It never seems to make me happy”, but finally find sneican to do things that need him and keep him focused.

For professional “adults” who are ted-tech or financial venture capital, the idea of a 14-year-old may not be mature enough and naive. But at the same time, the enthusiasm and focus of the teenager is infectious, and it can make one expect the teenager to become more mature, what will be achieved. In “The Big Bang of Life,” Sheldon Cooper, who grew up as a different kind, won the Nobel Prize, the writer’s promise for a simple and enthusiastic person like Cooper.

The Money View of Technology Curry after 00

Despite thinking about how to raise money lately, he was asked what to do if someone borrowed money. The teenager’s answer was simple: “I need a debit, so basically no one will ask me to borrow money.” “

Interpersonal skills seem to be a weak link in the brainpower of Mr Tung, who is not introverted or misexpressed. On the contrary, he is very strong in expressing, and even he can express his opinions and appeals directly. So much so that by the standards of adult society, some are too straightforward. But if inertial cognition is left behind, perhaps this is the expression after 00.

After 00 groups have a clearer understanding of money, or higher financial quotient. In an interview with Dong Yuanxuan, “money” is a high-frequency word.

Primary school from the 6th grade, with the help of his father, Dong Yuanxuan began his own stock investment career, by his father on behalf of the operation, the original 28,000 yuan pressure money, has now become 100,000 yuan.

The reason for setting up this account is that Dong Yuanxuan decided in the fifth grade that he must start a business in the future. Put the annual pressure money into it, wait until the university will have the original capital to start a business. Slightly unexpected, Dong Yuanxuan did not expect his entrepreneurial path to start so early.

In addition to the cost of buying wealth management products and some pocket money, Dong took 15,000 yuan out of his account as the initial start-up for the underwater robot project.

Dong Yuanxuan’s daily consumption is also simple and organized, at school to eat canteen, go home basically at home to eat, a few hundred yuan a month pocket money enough to spend. The main consumption comes from the purchase of “large equipment”. While the school laboratory required equipment procurement, Dong Yuanxuan made a list, to the school report to apply for procurement.

For consumption, Mr Tung has his own logic, and he is willing to pay an additional 100 per cent premium for the 10% quality improvement of the product he buys. For example, the purchase of electronic products will choose to configure more advanced, because this little bit of advance, can capture unexpected opportunities.

Perhaps it was the intention of the parents, Dong Yuanxuan did not have the consumption of luxury goods. The teenager will like to have more pocket money when he sees the clothes others wear more expensively, but he will feel that it is not good to ask his parents for money to spend, “the money he earns to spend is actually more happy.” “

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