289 days: Astronaut Christina Koch breaks record for highest single space flight by woman

As of Saturday, astronaut Christina Koch had flown 289 days on the International Space Station, breaking the record set by Peggy Whitson for a single space flight from 2016 to 2017. Koch will continue his scientific missions on the International Space Station, which will last until February next year. She is expected to spend 328 days on the space station, second only to Scott Kelly’s record of 340 days.

289 days: Astronaut Christina Koch breaks record for highest single space flight by woman

Koch, 40, an electronics engineer, arrived at the International Space Station on March 14. Her mission was scheduled to end in September, but NASA announced in April that it would extend Koch’s space flight to February. In other words, Koch will spend nearly 11 months in space, nearly twice the usual space flight time for astronauts. One of her tasks is to study the effects of long-term space travel on the human body, and the information gathered will provide vital data for NASA’s consideration of sending astronauts to Mars.

During his stay on the International Space Station, Koch made global headlines when he completed four spacewalks and took part in his first all-female spacewalk on October 12. Although 15 women carried out spacewalks, male colleagues were accompanied each time.

During a more than seven-hour mission outside the International Space Station, the women successfully repaired a damaged power controller that complemented the station’s solar network. Koch plans two more spacewalks in January and is still working with Mayer to install new solar arrays for the station’s solar power system.

“My first hope for this milestone is that someone can break it as soon as possible,” she told CBS’s “This Morning.” That means we will continue to work hard. Koch was an electrical engineer at NASA who studied scientific instruments for nasa’s many missions. She became an astronaut in 2013.

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