Celebrating the arrival of 2020: Microsoft releases “New Year Fireworks” theme free wallpaper pack

2019 is already in the countdown, and we are entering a new year. To this end, Microsoft released a comprehensive free high-quality wallpaper package to celebrate the new year. The theme package, titled “Fireworks on New Year’s Fireworks”, reads: “See the fireworks in the world’s most beautiful cities and celebrate the New Year.” This free set of Windows themes contains 16 images across Singapore, Montreal, Berlin, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam. These images can only be used as desktop wallpapers. “

Once you’ve downloaded the wallpaper pack, go to Start, Settings, Personalize, and Themes, and then click the theme you want. To apply based on the current wallpaper and change to the most appropriate color, go to Custom, Color, auto-select the original color from the background. “

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