Italy’s Peio ski resort offers full plastic restriction order to open Europe’s first

Italy’s Dolomites mountains in the Alps are a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site, and trace amounts of plastic have been found in glaciers near the mountain’s ski resort, causing italian authorities to pay attention to the discovery of trace amounts of plastic, euronews agency reported. The authorities announced that the future of the area’s Peio ski resort will be fully plastic, thus creating a European ski resort to ban the use of plastic products.

Italy's Peio ski resort offers full plastic restriction order to open Europe's first

The plastic-for-plastic-banned Peio ski resort, located in a valley in Trentino, was reportedly banned from plastic when it opened in December 2019, announcing a total ban on plastic bottles, bags, as well as disposable cutlery, plates, straws and cups.

A study by the authorities showed that the Forney Glacier, where the ski resort is located, contained trace amounts of plastic used to make plastic bags, including polyester and polyethylene. The authorities therefore decided to ban all plastic products at the ski resort in order to maintain the environment of the glacier area.

Fabio Saco, head of the local tourism department, said the ban on plastic products was designed to make the ski slopes the first part of the Sustainable Development Plan in the Alps.

Christian Casaroto, an Italian glaciologist, says that if plastic products are abandoned in the mountains, they will stay in the mountains for decades, then turn them into damage to the environment and health and enter the food chain. Casaroto believes that the plastic restriction order should expand as quickly as possible to the entire Alps.

According to statistics, the Peio snow field last winter attracted about 137,000 tourists to ski. In 2019, the ski resort’s three mountain hut warehouses will no longer help visitors store plastic products, and the ski resort plans to phase out all products that could release trace amounts of plastic in the future.

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