An hour late to school improves high school students’ learning: The better you sleep, the better

A new study published recently in Sleep by a team at the University of Munich suggests that delaying school hours can significantly improve students’ sleep deprivation and allow them to focus more on their studies. Researchers from the University of Munich, Germany, monitored the sleep status of 102 students aged 15 to 19 for nine weeks and tested their learning status, cognitive abilities and investigated their cognitive abilities.

An hour late to school improves high school students' learning: The better you sleep, the better

These high school students can choose to attend or skip the first self-study class, deciding whether to go to school at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., while those who choose to postpone school time need to make up for missed classes at other times.

The results showed that after delaying school, the average sleep time of students, regardless of their gender, grade, early-morning or night owl, increased from 6.9 hours to eight hours, 1.1 hours more than before.

Students were satisfied with the new schedule, saying they had a higher quality of sleep later in school, less tired than before, more focused in class, and an improved ability to teach themselves at home after school.

The researchers point out that schools are flexible or viable options for improving the situation in the general problem of adolescentsleep deprivation.

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