Microsoft AAAA Studios again to friends to dig away the backbone of “War God 4”

Microsoft for the next generation of hosting war should be prepared to come, following the recent announcement that they will soon announce the news of a new AAAA game, today (30) received the latest news, the Microsoft First Party Development Group called The Initiative Studios has absorbed new talent from “God of War 4” developer Santa Monica.

Erik Jakobsen, a senior environmental artist at Sony’s Santa Monica studio, joined Microsoft’s The Initiative Studios in December, according to @Klobrille on Twitter. Judging from the big man’s LinkedIn, it’s true that the inaugural company has been converted to The Initiative Studio.

Previously, Microsoft’s Initiative studio has gained a number of experienced players in the gaming industry. Many of them come from Santa Monica Studios, as well as from Rockstar, Naughty Dogs, Bioware, Crystal Power and more. Also from the Santa Monica studio is Brian Westergaard, producer of “War 4.” Speculation about the composition of the staff is that The Initiative Studioist is preparing an adventure game comparable to Sony’s first-party single-player experience.

According to the media, The Initiative Studios will unveil this mysterious AAAA class game in 2020, do you expect?

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