Musk sends internal email to remind employees: Don’t care about Tesla’s stock price

With Tesla’s stock price hitting a new high of $430 recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned employees in an email to “don’t care about the stock price,”media reported. In the email, titled “Don’t care about stock price,” Musk wrote: “My joke on Twitter, don’t take it seriously. What really matters is our actual execution and efficiency as a company. “

Musk sends internal email to remind employees: Don't care about Tesla's stock price

Musk’s so-called “Twitter joke”, referring to Tesla’s share price as high as $420, sent a tweet: “Wow… The stock price is really high, haha. “

The 420, which is familiar with Tesla’s turmoil, should be no stranger to the 420, which Musk offered last year when he threatened to privatize Tesla at just $420 a share.

At the time, many didn’t believe that someone would be willing to buy Tesla for $420 a share, and the Securities and Exchange Commission ended up fined Musk and Tesla for a phrase that “funds are in place.” But even now, with the company’s share price doubling to another record high, Musk told his staff that he believes the share price “will rise even higher”:

“Ultimately, I believe Tesla’s share price will be much higher than it is today. “

In the e-mail, he added that we should continue to “work hard” at this point:

“That’s the downside of listed companies. The share price is up and down. But what we should do now is keep working hard. “

For now, Tesla is doing all it can to achieve both major goals by the end of the year. According to reports earlier this month, Musk told employees that Tesla still has “two important goals” to achieve by the end of 2019: first, to ensure new car deliveries by the end of the year, and second, to immediately significantly increase the deployment of solar panels.

Musk has also said earlier that he believes discussing share prices can be a distraction for employees.

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