Renren’s new app test officially returns to the social network market

On December 30, 2019, Beijing Multi-Ox Interactive Media Co., Ltd. (“DoBu Media”) launched the new “RenRen” App 1.1.0, restoring the social network positioning and functions centered around the relationship between students in renren’s era, and officially returning to the social market. Renren is a well-known real-name social network, known as “China’s Facebook”, in the university students as the representative of the group of young users has a strong appeal.

Since 2005, a total of 240 million registered users, thousands of colleges and universities nationwide, including student organizations, campus official media and other relevant organizations or individuals have also opened accounts and public home pages.

Renren's new app test officially returns to the social market

At the end of 2018, Dobu Media acquired and began to make adjustments to In October 2019, Donomedia began a small-scale test to spin renren’s social network and live stream into two separate businesses. The live streaming service operates separately as the Live For All app, and the social network becomes the new “RenRen” app.

The new “RenRen” app continues Renren’s positioning as a real-name social network with student relations at its core. The Renren app inherits the information that Renren has accumulated from 2005 on 240 million real users, their real social relationships, and vast amounts of historical data, including more than 7 billion images, 10 billion user status, and more.

Renren's new app test officially returns to the social market

With the joint efforts of testers, enthusiastic users, professional media, and external experts, after more than 2 months of small-scale testing and continuous iterations, The Renson app has launched a formal 1.1.0 public beta version, open to all users.

“RenRen” App 1.1.0 version, the use of Renren’s classic blue and white color, functional design continues the user familiar with the simple design style. Some classic features, such as the user real name system, campus home page, chat (the original station letter) have been restored. The user’s historical data is fully saved and continued in the order of the timeline. When users successfully log in, they will feel a familiar social atmosphere, photos and friends will be presented in a familiar way, and all kinds of new things, comments, retweets, and participation in joint discussions will continue.

Renren's new app test officially returns to the social market

In order to facilitate users to retrieve accounts, passwords, Multi-Nu Media uses the industry’s advanced technology, designed a safe and efficient recovery process, to help users quickly and easily retrieve their own data. Artificial appeal channels are also available. Taking into account the increase of users’ privacy requirements, the “RenRen” app in the past on the basis of further improve the design of personal privacy. In the new release, users have more control over their own privacy and the ability to protect their privacy is greatly enhanced.

Renren's new app test officially returns to the social market

“Everyone, find students” is Renren’s most popular feature, thanks to artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies, “Everyone” app in the expansion of users’ social capabilities have significantly improved. On the one hand, Renren’s classic search, recommended students, alumni, the same ability greatly improved. On the other hand, some new play, such as: nearby people, speed of light plus friends, face-to-face group building, everyone movement, etc. to bring users a new dimension. The “RenRen” app will continue to innovate in the direction of social networking, and more new games will be available in subsequent releases.

Renren's new app test officially returns to the social market

The capacity of the community UGC has also been enhanced. Users can continue to use the Everyone app to record their youth, express themselves, and participate in discussions with familiar friends. At the same time, with artificial intelligence technology, connecting massive amounts of content to hundreds of millions of users, users will be more likely to find out what they are interested in from the massive content, participate in the discussion of popular events, and discover more like-minded friends.

“RenRen” App 1.1.0 version in the Apple Store, the major Android market has been launched, users can search in the major app market “everyone” free download.

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