Beijing issues first self-driving manned test license , Baidu Apollo gets 40

On the afternoon of December 30, the Beijing Joint Working Group on Self-Driving Testing and Management issued the first batch of self-driving vehicles for road manned test ingress. Baidu Apollo won 40 self-driving manned test licenses, becoming the first domestic company to launch self-driving manned testing in Beijing. So far, Baidu Apollo self-driving manned test license plate up to 120.

It is reported that Beijing has the first regional-level self-driving test road network to break through 300 kilometers, the city’s cumulative self-driving test road exceeded 500 kilometers, covering Yizhuang, Haidian, Shunyi, Fangshan and other regions, road network mileage in the country’s first.

With the issuance of the road test license for self-driving vehicles, the 322 km road in Beijing is opened as a self-driving test area, the first large-scale and complete test area in China.

Earlier, on December 13, Beijing issued the Regulations on the Administration of Road Testing for Self-Driving Vehicles in Beijing (Trial), which revised the original Implementation Rules for the Administration of Self-Driving Road Testing. For the first time, the rules define the three-stage manned load standard, is currently the highest safety requirements, the highest threshold of manned testing policy, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of self-driving vehicles.

According to the rules, the first phase of the internal staff manned testing benchmark is more than 100,000 km of safety testing. In the second phase, a manned test of social personnel was conducted with a base of more than 500,000 kilometres of safety.

Beijing issues first self-driving manned test license Baidu Apollo gets 40

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