Global digital camera shipments face a sharp drop of 20%: only one-eighth of 10 years ago

Beijing news, according to Japanese media reports, the global digital camera market is cooling further, 2019 shipments are expected to decline by 20% to about 15 million units, only one eighth of the peak in 2010 . By the pressure of improved performance of the phone  camera , the performance of digital camera companies are not optimistic. Olympus will raise the price of replacement lenses by about 10 percent, and Nikon will reduce business costs by 50 billion yen.

Global digital camera shipments or a sharp drop of 20% only one-eighth of 10 years ago

The decline in digital camera sales still shows no sign of hitting the brakes, and structural reform is urgent.

Global shipments fell 20 percent to 12.73 million units in the first 10 months of 2019, according to the Japan Camera Imaging Equipment Industry Association (CIPA). Full-year shipments are likely to fall to about 15 million units. That’s only about one-eight thin, or the lowest since 2001 (14.75 million), compared with 2010, when the card digital cameras were strong and peaked at 121.46 million units.

The background is a return to sales of smartphones. Smartphones have improved their performance with the help of cameras, raising the possibility that the world market will turn up four years apart in 2020. Smartphones with multiple lenses now account for 70 percent, according to Techno Systems Research, a Japanese research firm. This rate will rise to more than 90% by 2023.

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