Foreign media expect musical adaptation of “Cats” to be worth $71 million

According tomedia, “Cats” has underperformed at the box office and is expected to lose at least $71 million, according tomedia. Among them, the total north American box office or 40 million, overseas total box office or up to 60 million, the global total box office may be about 100 million dollars. Combined with global TV, dvd and streaming revenue, the final revenue could be $155 million.

The film cost $95 million to produce, and the global distribution fee was $115 million, plus interest, residual value and transaction amount, taxes and other deductions total expenses or $226 million. The final loss would be more than $71 million. It will be the most cost-losing music film of recent years and the worst work by director Tom Hooper.

The film version of Cats was originally seen as one of the potential strong contenders for this year’s awards season. But after the first trailer came to light in July, the film’s wind has been slow to improve – many are uncomfortable with the style and visual effects of the preview, and Universal Pictures’ official youtube debut has received a lot of “stepping.” Vw’s expectations of the film have not changed since the release of the second preview in November, and its heat has been damaged.

The most deadly blow was the feedback from critics: rotten tomatoes were less than 18%, and all kinds of laughable reviews made a few hopeful viewers choose to give up. The film was released in North America on December 20th, with rotten tomatoes with a popcorn index of only 54%, a score of 2.7, and a rating of just over 10,000.

As of Sunday, it had grossed just $38.4 million at the global box office in its home and 38 overseas markets. While there are still some markets that have yet to open (some may give up the release directly), it is unlikely that the final box office results will improve significantly unless Japan, which is due to open on January 24th, gives strong support.

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