Space travel is not a dream, and a U.S. company plans to build a “space hotel” by 2025.

With the development of science and technology, travel to space is no longer a distant dream, the Newspaper Reported. A U.S. company is developing a “space hotel” that can accommodate 450 visitors at the same time, with the main structure expected to be completed by 2025. According to reports, the so-called “space hotel” is actually a space station, will orbit the Earth, in addition to the space vacation, scientists will also be engaged in space-related research.

Timothy Alatorre, the station’s chief architect, said: “The station was actually inspired by the experience of watching sci-fi films over the past 50 years and the dream of humanity’s embrace of starship culture. “

“I think it came from Starship And later Star Wars, a concept that is a large group of people living in space with their own trade, industry and culture,” Alato said. “

He said artificial gravity would be used in many parts of the station, but that some areas would remain gravity-free, allowing visitors to experience the feeling of being gravity-free in outer space.

The space station will provide a variety of entertainment for visitors, including bars, restaurants, gyms, concerts and art events, Alatol said. “

Alatol admits that the Space Hotel may not be ready by 2025 as expected, but the main structure of the space station should be completed by then. He hopes that the space station will be operational from 2025 and will be fully completed by 2027 and will be available to the general public.

But the plan has some problems to overcome, one of which is how to transport enough resources into space, and the issue of passenger transportation.

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