Polish pastor asks ‘Lucyfer’ Wi-Fi holder to change network name

A Polish priest asked a Wi-Fi network holder named Lucyfer to change the SSID, saying electronic devices in his church may have detected it and tried to connect,media reported. In a letter to the holder, the pastor from the Polish village of Magdalenka said his wireless router was installed in the house next to the church, so its signal was strong enough to cover the church.

The pastor explained that the Wi-Fi name could offend worshippers, especially when their device detects the network.

It is understood the letter was posted on December 14 and went viral on Twitter over the weekend.

It is not clear whether the router holder changed the network name. But the pastor was even more willing to provide technical support for configuring another SSID for Wi-Fi, saying he hoped the whole issue would be resolved amicably.

It is understood there are also signatures at the bottom of the letter, most likely from those who support the pastor’s request to change the Wi-Fi name.

Needless to say, such an idea can easily backfire, after all, many people are now specifically to choose some interesting, interesting name for their Wi-Fi network name.

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