Hyperbola GNU/Linux becomes BSD release

Disgruntled with the state of the Linux kernel, a Linux-based distribution decided to switch to BSD. Hyperbola GNU/Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution certified by the Free Software Foundation, but now it has decided to create a new version based on the OpenBSD kernel and change its name to HyperbolaBSD.

In its announcement, it cites the problems with the Linux kernel: the Linux kernel forced the adoption of DRM, including HDCP, and the Linux kernel proposed the use of Rust (Rust contains a centralized code base that is considered to be flawed in software freedom);

The Linux kernel does not put security at the forefront of development; many GNU user spaces and core tools are forced to adopt features, and no option is available to turn them off at build time, such as PulseAudio/SystemD/Rust/Java.

Hyperbola says its Linux distribution will continue until 2022, and future releases will use Hyperbola BSD.

Hyperbola GNU/Linux becomes BSD release

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