Microsoft’s indie game “Last Night” was added more than 250,000 times the director tweeted thanks

Microsoft’s Pixel Wind Boo Punk game “Last Night” has been little news since E3 2017 was released, and the studio has been short of funds and has only stabilized until early 2019. Recently, Steam’s “Last Night” was added more than 250,000 times, entering the Steam’s new tour look list TOP40, for which studio director Tim Soret tweeted a tribute to the player.

Tim Soret, studio director of Last Night, tweeted: ‘Last Night has just been added to Steam more than 250,000 times, and we’ve been cautious since 2017, as well as entering the Steam’s new tour-looking top 40, even though we’ve only released a game preview. Thank you for your trust. Statistics such as the number of wishes added and the number of previews allowed us to provide a bigger budget for Last Night.

Tim Soret says he’s really surprised that “Last Night” is still getting such views and wish list additions, and that game preview views and wish list additions are important indicators of investment.

Of course, the increase in the number of wishes of “Last Night” also surprised Tim Soret, to know that E3 2017, “Last Night” stunning debut, but then there is no heat, this wish list growth can be said to let “Last Night” back into everyone’s eyes.

At present, the “last night” optimization is quite good, GTX660 can reach 1080P/60FPS. Supports 21:9 ultra widescreen displays and 4K HDR support. The game’s debut platforms are Xbox One and Windows 10, Steam, but the release date has not yet been determined.

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