Transcend M.2 hard drive released for “SLC” flash: up to 256GB 100,000 P/E lifetimes

In addition to the 10x-life JetFlash 910 Series USB drive, Transcend also released a new generation of undead M.2 hard drives, using Toshiba BiCS 4 3D TLC flash memory, but proprietary SLC mode makes writes up to 100,000 times, more than 30 times the average flash memory, the same as writing undead. Transcend this hard disk model is TSXXGMTS952TX, such a strange number to know that at a glance is not for the consumer market, but for the industrial and embedded market, the pursuit of super life, P/E life of up to 100,000 times.

This is currently MLC, TLC is far from possible, only SLC flash can have such a life.

However, this M.2 hard drive is not SLC flash, or Toshiba BiCS 4 technology 3D TLC flash, ultra-longevity is achieved through the SLC mode, the same is the cost of capacity-for-life route.

In addition, the performance of this M.2 hard disk is also very general, even equipped with their own high-performance FGT DRAM cache, read speed is only 560MB/s, write speed 420MB/s, random reading and writing is only 56K, 75K IOPS level, is exactly SATA mode Of M.2 hard disk, anyway, special market does not care about performance.

The capacity of this hard drive is not high, only 64GB, 128GB and 256GB three, after all, the cost of 2/3 of the capacity for reliability, but the TBW life is 3600TBW, 7200TBW and 14400TBW, is also the level of at least 30 times the average hard disk.

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