Next year WWDC Apple will release high-end game MacBook or iMac

According to The UDN, Apple plans to release a new high-end gaming computer at WWDC in 2020, possibly a MacBook or iMac. The game notebook or all-in-one costs $5,000 and is designed specifically for the game. Supply chain people said that Apple’s new products, in addition to high unit price, may be similar to the large-screen all-in-one machine (AIO), may also be a large-screen electric competition pen, the details are not very clear, specifications should also be the top standard, the supply chain manufacturers of component quality requirements are very high.

It is expected to be presented at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June next year.

Next year WWDC Apple will release high-end game MacBook or iMac

Apple has been actively moving into the gaming industry this year, with the launch of iOS 13 in September, the launch of the game subscription service Apple Arcade, which initially offered more than 100 exclusive games, followed by open subscription games on iPad OS, tvOS 13, and now into macOS Catalina. Buyers of all Apple products, whether via a mobile phone, tablet or pen, can use the Apple Arcade service.

Apple Arcade currently includes action games, adventure games and puzzle-solving games, offering more than 100 games that are released every month and can be taken offline. In addition to being able to touch or control the game with Siri Remote, some games also support other controllers, such as The Xbox’s Bluetooth wireless controller, the PlayStation DualShock 4 and MFi’s game controller.

However, Mobile game or online games, after all, can only do some simple games, if you want to carry out an immersive game experience, or fierce confrontation, or only high-spec, fast-computing e-racing PC can do, which is why Apple still want to launch the electric competition PC factor. As Apple enters the field of competitive PCs, it is expected to add new business opportunities to relevant supply chain manufacturers with new incentives for shipment of new hardware products.

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