Japan’s “cashless” payment, China, Japan and South Korea “alliance” pattern is beginning to take shape

Japanese telecommunications operator KDDI will participate in the two-dimensional code co-communication mechanism for mobile phone payments from China, Japan and South Korea, Japanese media said. The mechanism has been involved in seven companies, including Japanese telecommunications operator NTT docomo, four of which have achieved two-dimensional code co-empresion over the counter. No matter what kind of mobile payment service consumers use, just read a QR code can be settled, increased convenience.

KDDI will participate in the Cloud Pay mechanism developed by Digital Garage, a company that is engaged in system development, the Japan Economic News reported on December 27. Cloud payment is a system that consumers can automatically identify and pay the settlement operator by reading a qr code displayed by a store with a mobile phone. The store does not need to sign with the settlement operators and set up a dedicated billing terminal to support mobile payment.

The report said that Ducomo’s “d-pay”, China’s Ant Financial’s “Paypal” and “Alipay HK” and South Korea’s Kakao “Kakao Pay” have supported the mechanism. From spring 2020, LINE’s “LINE Pay”, Mercari’s Merpay and China’s Tencent’s WeChat Pay will also be supported, and KDDI’s “au Pay” will also be available.

For consumers, the report said, if the stores and supportservices that introduced the mechanism were expanded, confusion about “which stores can use” would be less confused and it would be easier to pay by mobile phone.

Four companies, Mercari’s Merpay and LINE Pay, reportedly lifted the mobile payment alliance (MoPA), which has been promoting since March, around the partnership between mobile payments. The mechanism has worked together to promote the development of franchise stores, previously strive to achieve the commonization of qr code.

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