Tesla Shanghai plant car delivery China or foreign brands export base

Tesla, the U.S. electric car maker, has begun delivering the Model 3, which starts at its Shanghai plant, marking the start of construction in less than a year, setting a global record for the world’s auto maker to start production in China,media said. Tesla also said it would accelerate delivery from next month.

Tesla Shanghai plant car delivery China or foreign brands export base

Tesla held a delivery ceremony for the Model 3 on December 30, reuters reported on December 30, and 15 of its employees received the cars they had purchased.

The Chinese-made Model 3 sedan does not include subsidies for 355,800 yuan (about $50,000), the report said.

The company had previously said it hoped to begin delivering model 3 sproducing at its Shanghai plant before the Chinese New Year.

“From now on, the Chinese-made Model 3 will be on the streets of China. Tesla’s global vice president, Dolin, said at the delivery ceremony. Wang Wei, Tesla’s general manager for China, said The company plans to accelerate the delivery of the Model 3 in January.

According to the Japan Economic News on December 30, the Shanghai plant is Tesla’s second assembly base after the California plant, starting construction in early 2019, less than a year into production, the initial annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles.

The report notes that Tesla, affected by persistent trade frictions, has been frequently adjusting the price of all-electric vehicles exported from the United States to China. The company hopes to curb tariff and exchange rate risks by promoting local production in China. The Chinese government has also decided to waive a 10 per cent car purchase tax on imported cars for Tesla cars as local production begins.

Tesla Shanghai plant car delivery China or foreign brands export base

In addition, The Ministry of Commerce’s “High Quality Development Report on China’s Auto trade ( 2019) ” released by China’s Ministry of Commerce on December 30 th said that opening up to the outside world had been further expanded and that “China will completely lift the share ratio limit and the limit on the number of joint ventures for foreign-invested auto companies by 2022.” Major multinational auto companies will adjust the positioning of enterprises in China, increase the production layout in China, the scale of automobile exports will continue to expand, China is expected to become a number of foreign brands of the world’s important export base. “With the major countries increasingly stringent energy conservation and emission reduction regulations, new energy vehicles will gradually become the future growth of the automotive market in the main areas. “

“In the next few years, China’s new energy vehicle exports are expected to maintain rapid growth and will become an emerging force for the steady growth of China’s auto trade. The report said.

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