Tesla Bulls: Tesla’s Share Price Will Reach $4,000 by 2030

Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research, said Tesla’s target price for 2030 was $4,000, almost 10 times today’s price. He said breakthrough products from General Electric, Tesla and Google would spur strong global demand for the company’s products, accelerating revenue and boosting profits.

Tesla Bulls: Tesla's Share Price Will Reach $4,000 by 2030

In his report, he said Tesla’s strength is that no other company has the capacity, capital or passion to build a large-scale charging network and large-scale battery storage products like Tesla. In addition, Tesla will control the “full life cycle” of the deep neural network model, which will allow the company’s cars to achieve full self-driving capabilities.

Chowdhry also said that ride-hailing software Uber, Lyft and fitness start-up Peleton were only on “life support” and would eventually become zombie sprees.

Tesla fell nearly 5 percent in early trading Monday after brokerages worried that it would not meet its delivery targets for this year. The company’s share price hit a record high last week. Tesla’s share price has soared in the past three months, rising nearly 80 percent.

Tesla shares were down 4.06 percent at $412.92.

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