First SnapDragon865 ZTE AXON 10s Pro: Available in early 2020

The first SnapSnapdragon 865 is launched. On December 31st, ZTE AXON 10s Pro was licensed through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which means ZTE AXON 10s Pro is not far from officially opening. ZTE’s AXON 10s Pro will go on sale early next year, according to previous official sources.

First SnapDragon865 ZTE AXON 10s Pro: Available in early 2020

Core configuration, ZTE AXON 10s Pro features a 6.47-inch display, the first Qualcomm SnapDragon865 flagship platform, with up to 12GB of memory plus 512GB of storage, 20 megapixels front, 48 million cameras on the rear, and a battery capacity of 4000mAh.

In addition, ZTE’s AXON 10s Pro supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, while equipped with a new generation of full-scene AI engine Z-Booster 2.0 algorithm, through AI intelligent provisioning of system resources, for the game and multi-tasking scene depth acceleration and optimization, the latest machine performance to the extreme.

And ZTE’s AXON 10s Pro supports Link-Booster smart network acceleration, multiple concurrent network connectivity, and easy handling of complex signal environments.

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