South Korea launches security investigation into TikTok after U.S.

TikTok now faces a similar problem in South Korea after the U.S. government blocked it and flagged it as a cyber security threat,media reported, as local authorities announced an investigation into the app. The KCC announced an investigation into TikTok after Liberal Korea mp Song Hee-kyeoung warned in October that the Chinese company might mishandle personal information.

South Korea launches security investigation into TikTok after U.S.

Song points out that some of the user information collected by TikTok may be shared with the Chinese government.

According to a report by KoreaTimes, TikTok has 4m users in South Korea, though South Korean authorities have not imposed sanctions on the app or its parent company, Byte Dance.

ByteDance said in a recent statement that the legal issues the app had to deal with in many countries did not mean they would sell TikTok.

A person familiar with the matter said earlier this month that ByteDance was considering the possibility of selling TikTok as a growing number of governments expressed concerns about the security of the app.

ByteDance has yet to issue a statement about the South Korean-sponsored investigation.

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