Mozilla Releases MDN Web Developer Requirements Assessment Report

Mozilla released its first annual Global Web Designer and Developer Needs Survey: MDN Web Developer Requirements Assessment (Web DNA). and said it hopes to shape the future of the Web platform through this report. In this report, they surveyed more than 28,000 developers and designers from 173 countries. Mozilla says it brings the survey together to convey “the voice of developers and network designers.”

Mozilla Releases MDN Web Developer Requirements Assessment Report

Mozilla, meanwhile, said they analyzed the data provided by the public and identified 28 different needs, then divided them into 14 different topics. Of these, 4 of the first five requirements are related to browser compatibility. Documents, debugging, frameworks, security, and privacy are in the top 10.

Mozilla Web DNA reports that “the input from survey participants has influenced how browser vendors prioritize feature development to meet the needs of designers and developers on the network and off-network.” By producing this report annually, you can track the needs and pain points that change over time so that all stakeholders can see the impact of their efforts on the future of the network. ” 

Web DNA Report 2019 Full Download

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