Old Friends Reunite: Google Launches New Year’s Eve Welcome

As 2019 draws to a close, Google also unveiled the new Doodle on its final day, with rain frogs and bird friends gathering again to enjoy the holiday fireworks on the roof. Since its inception, Google’s search engine has continued the tradition of introducing doodles for various holiday anniversaries, and in recent years there has been no shortage of animal elements.

Old Friends Reunite: Google Launches New Year's Eve Welcome

(Pictured: Google, via Cnet)

In addition to partying or drinking alone at home, you can also attend welcome activities organized by various places. For example, invite three or five friends to Times Square to jointly new Year’s Eve.

Of course, at the same time of party celebration, but also pay attention to safe travel, avoid drink-driving, after all, the network car service has become quite mature. Finally, I wish you all in the new year, the efforts have been fruitful.

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