A woman turns on soS emergency contact on her iPhone to help her protect him from sexual assault

An iPhone user this week praised Apple’s SOS emergency contact feature, saying it helped stop an attempt at a sexual assault in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that could have been fatal if police did not receive an automatic alert,media outlet AppleInsider reported.

A woman turns on soS emergency contact on her iPhone to help her protect him from sexual assault

The woman, who did not want to be named, spoke to WTKR on Monday about her experience. Earlier on Sunday, a stranger reportedly approached her for help in search of her iPhone. The woman, unaware of the danger she was facing, agreed to the man’s request and was eventually taken to the boardwalk. “I don’t doubt that he’s a bad guy,” she says. He is a man who looks very normal and handsome. I asked him, ‘Where’s your friend? Why are you alone? He said, ‘I’m still in the army. I’m not a local, ‘ and my brother is in the army, so I feel sorry for him. “

The unidentified man lured the victim to a secluded location and said he believed his cell phone had been left in the sand. When the woman tried to find the so-called missing phone through Apple’s “Find My” app, things got worse, but to no avail. When the man was unable to browse Apple’s iOS user interface, she began to suspect that he did not actually own the iPhone and had made up an excuse to lose it.

“I got my phone back and turned around and tried to escape, he just got up behind me, stopped me and covered my face,” the woman said. I tried to scream for help and pushed me to the ground – because I kept screaming, he covered my mouth and tried to remove any sound I made. “

Fortunately, the woman has so-called SOS emergency contact on her iPhone that allows her to automatically dial 911 without having to unlock her device. In this case, the feature is triggered by pressing and pressing the power key button and the volume button. The SOS emergency contact function can also be invoked by pressing the power key button quickly and in a row five times.

The dispatcher heard her help and took the police to her location. When police arrived at the scene, the attackers fled on foot, but were quickly hunted and arrested. “I’m very grateful to the police,” the woman said. I can’t thank them enough. “

Apple’s SOS Emergency Contact feature debuted on watchOS in 2016 and will be available for the iPhone in 2017. With iOS 11, Apple has added the ability to alert a designated emergency contact with automatic text messages that contain information about the current location.

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