Amazon builds homeless shelter Mary’s Place in Seattle park

In 2017, Marty Hartman acquired a space at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters to open a homeless shelter, and mary’s Place, a nonprofit organization that provides shelters for Seattle Rangers, was given. Since 2016, the group has operated a shelter at the Travelodge Hotel in Amazon Park. But the income shelter isn’t permanent, as Amazon plans to renovate the area for its own use.

Amazon builds homeless shelter Mary's Place in Seattle park

Hartman told the media: “I could have expected us to end up and move on, and I’m grateful for this opportunity.” We just want to make sure we’re good neighbors and we’ll leave on time. (But) we don’t know that they are even thinking about building a permanent home for us. “

Hartman is expected to enter a new space sometime in the first quarter of 2020.

By the time the new shelter opens, it will be able to serve 275 people per night. While this will only provide temporary shelter for a small number of local homeless people — about 12,500 in King County, where Seattle is located — it is expected to be the largest family shelter in Washington state.

In addition, the shelter will provide a separate private room for families with pets. In the “health zone”, residents can also bathe, and there is an industrial kitchen, which is expected to cook 600,000 meals a year.

The new space is reported lying across the street from Amazon’s new sphere headquarters.

“The number of beds in our existing shelters will increase by 46 per cent,” Hartman said. “

Amazon builds homeless shelter Mary's Place in Seattle park

While the Mary’s Place shelter needs to be moved out of Amazon’s headquarters, the company has offered to pay for the new shelter’s utilities, maintenance and security over the next 10 years, and, yes, rent, while Mary’s Place’s own costs for operations, project organization and staff are responsible. The organization says the costs could cost as much as $2 million a year.

Amazon builds homeless shelter Mary's Place in Seattle park

One of the biggest advantages of the new shelter, Hartman says, is its location in downtown Seattle, which will make it a crisis center for the city’s homeless and make it easier for people to volunteer.

In addition, in the new shelter, Mary’s Place will also plan to run health clinics and legal institutions, for which Amazon has provided free counseling.

On the seventh floor of the building, there is also a room for Amazon employees, who will be able to teach programming courses to street children, read them aloud, or provide resume assistance or mock interviews to adults.

“We want everyone to be involved and develop their skills, but the most important thing is to stay in the relationship,” Hartman said.

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