Toploong Joins eyeball FinTech to Release FPGA Chip: More Energy Efficient Than Traditional GPUs

December 27 news, Shenzhen Toploong Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen eyeball FinTech Data Technology Co., Ltd. jointly announced the launch of a new independent research and development of the eyeball55 FPGA chip, and exhibited the first AIOT information device with the AI chip – eyeM5 5500 Fpga.

Topron Joins Health Fumin to Release FPGA Chip: More Energy Efficient Than Traditional GPUs

Currently, Toploong has developed a digital economy intelligent business infrastructure that includes the eyeball55 AI chip, the eyeM55 550 FPGA ai mainframe, the eyeM5 5500 ausion server, and the digital asset credential hosting center, and the product solution covers smart finance, smart agriculture, smart healthcare, Smart city, smart business five major industrial direction.

In terms of technology morphology, AI inside60 engine technology can effectively meet the multi-directional fusion of algorithms, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Based on this technology, the new self-researching eyeball55 FPGA chip uses The Edge Algorithm Chip Design of AI Algorithm, supports 10G/100G optical network communication and IPFS blockchain decentralized storage, and can perfectly meet the environmental requirements of network security, digital credential encryption security and algorithm cryptocurrency, and conforms to the development direction of data security, data privacy, data permission definition and easy data pricing.

The new generation of information devices using the chip runs the independent architecture of the Zhongxiangmi Linux OS operating system, supports the power-free, with high computing power, low energy consumption of significant advantages, each device daily power consumption of only 1.92 kWh, equivalent to the same computing power OF the GPU equipment 5%, significantly reduce costs.

In terms of product advantages, according to the official introduction, the FPGA represented by eyeM5 compared to traditional GPU computing equipment has incomparable advantages in energy efficiency ratio, interest rate, product warranty, while also providing services such as operation room technology, near unmanned management, automatic early warning and ETC algorithm software upgrades.

In addition, the product form of edgeX segmentation will meet the production needs of different industry applications and different customers. It is reported that the edgeX products currently include short board one machine single card, short board one machine four card, ultra-thin desktop type three, different products can play the role of artificial intelligence computer, artificial intelligence server, ledger development and financial transaction terminal, Internet of Things edge computing and high computing computer and other roles, to provide a complete commercial deployment program.

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