What will mcDonald’s package sit for 10 years? Iceland’s Last Package Revealed

What will mcDonald’s package look like after 10 years, Taiwan’s Yonhap News Network reported. Iceland closed its last McDonald’s store a decade ago, and a man bought the last burger and fries package, and it’s amazing how the classic package is still intact, 10 years on.


McDonald’s, a well-known US fast-food chain, reportedly decided to pull out of the Icelandic market in 2009 when a man, Hjortur Smarason, bought his last burger and fries, saying: “Because McDonald’s is going to leave Iceland, plus hear that McDonald’s meals don’t rot.” So want to buy to see if this statement is true. ”

Ten years later, the package had been spent in many places, And after three years, Smarason saved it in his garage in a plastic bag, and three years later found little change, he donated it to the National Museum of Iceland, but museum experts later thought they were not equipped to preserve the food, and returned it to its owner, Smarason.

Now, the package is kept in tact in a glass cabinet at Snotra House in southern Iceland, where the hostel also offers live videos, says Siggi Sigurdur, the hostel’s owner. “It’s a fun thing, it’s not moldy, it’s just wrapping paper that looks a little old and makes you think about what you’re eating,” Sigurdsson said. ”

In addition to iceland’s 10-year-old burger package, it’s famous that Karen Hanrahan bought a burger in 1996 and claimed 14 years later that it was no different from the day she bought it, and in 2010, New York photographer Sally Davies Davies, who bought a package and photographed it every day for six months, said she didn’t rot.

McDonald’s commented in 2013 that in a normal environment, “our burgers may break down like other foods, but if the environment is dry and not hydrated, they may not be moldy or decomposed.” “This is confirmed by a lecturer in food science at the University of Iceland, which is indeed possible without moisture.

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