Telegram launches year-end 2019 update 5.13 with many improvements

Every six months, the Telegram development team brings a major feature update. For example, by the end of 2019, we’ll have version 5.13. First, for security-conscious users, the new messaging app updates the guide so that users can independently verify the source code on GitHub (exactly the same app source code as they get on the App Store or Google Play).

Telegram launches year-end 2019 update 5.13 with many improvements

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In more user-facing mass features, the new Telegram version now supports the use of gradient backgrounds (rather than solid colors) for custom themes.

If you don’t want to use a specific background, you can swap it for a new picture, and the default theme appears in the new color scheme.

Version 5.31 Telegram also brings some improvements to the most basic messaging features.

Following the introduction of planned messages earlier this year, the development team introduced new features that allow edcoming messages as soon as the recipient went live.

If you want to find the previous message, you can now display the search results as a list instead of sleusing the entire conversation.

If you want to share your location, you can now find nearby locations directly on the map instead of browsing all the items around you.

If you listen to podcasts or audiobooks on Telegram, the app has been able to remember your current location after 20 minutes of listening to audio files, and even supports twice as fast playback to reach your target faster.

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Android (Google Play) iOS (App Store)

Telegram launches year-end 2019 update 5.13 with many improvements

In terms of platform improvements, Android users can quickly switch from menu stoking to night mode, which map previews will follow to avoid sudden blinding when sharing locations in night mode.

On iOS, map themes follow the system’s global theme settings. In addition, the Android version has gained some new animations to make app interactions more lively, and users can drop-down menus and view photos on their profile page.

It’s worth noting that users can select a portion of the message text, or share the content of other apps, package them to multiple users at once, or mark the entire archive as read.

Before sending a video, the new Telegram can choose video quality, introduce a new contact sharing interface, and other convenience-conscious fixes and improvements.

Telegram launches year-end 2019 update 5.13 with many improvements

iOS has the option to open the Telegram link in your favorite browser with text zoom options for the entire app.

There are also integration improvements to share forms with iOS that allow users to customize the display options when sharing with Telegram. It’s easier to switch accounts by pressing and holding shortcuts on the iOS home screen to open the app.

Finally, updates to the usage page are stored, the information is easier to use, multiple messages can be selected, and the new Clear Cache button is used to clean up a specific chat cache.

If you want to leave a group, the full list of users is hidden until the user chooses to view it. Users can “leave the group” directly without any scrolling.

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