Apple responds to iOS 13’s frequent lying-out location alerts: To protect user privacy

In iOS 13, the app no longer displays the Always option when requesting access to the user’s location,media reported. The only way to grant an app a continuous access location now requires you to go to Set up, Privacy, and click on the app in The Location Service and select the Always option. In addition, iOS 13 will regularly alert users to apps that continue to track their locations and provide maps of those locations.

On-screen warnings provide users with continued “always” access to their location options or when using the app.

Apple responds to iOS 13's frequent lying-out location alerts: To protect user privacy

In light of the changes, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported today that some developers are concerned that location tracking alerts will affect their app use, while some iPhone users who have repeatedly opted for “always” are said to be disappointed by the reminders that appear every few days.

Apple responded to the report in a statement, saying it made the changes to further protect user privacy.

Jason Smith, chief commercial officer at data intelligence firm location Sciences, points out that the amount of location data collected by apps in the background has dropped by 70 percent since the release of iOS 13. Considering that this data is easy to use to identify and track individuals, this is a promising sign.

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