Times Square New Year’s Eve Theme: Climate Change

On the evening of December 31st, revellers in Times Square will ring the New Year’s bell on the theme of climate change,media reported. Science teachers and students will press the crystal button to trigger the crystal ball landing in Times Square. Organizers of New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York City are reported to be choosing a theme each year based on the most important issues in the news, and this year’s theme is climate change.

Times Square New Year's Eve Theme: Climate Change


It is understood that this year’s “climate emergency” announced more than ever before, the resulting climate strike sparks across the globe.

In Sydney, Australia, locals are protesting as the new year approaches, demanding that the city cancel fireworks after a devastating bushfire killed at least 10 people and forced thousands to evacuate before the festival. Scientists warn that global warming is fuelling droughts and heat waves, fuelling fires.

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