Scientists wear ‘small hat’ tracking device sitford for alligators

If you want to know what it would be like to wear a small hat, researchers at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources may be able to do just that,media reported. Researchers at the department will work with Clemson University to study the movements of local crocodiles by installing tracking devices that look very similar to the small hats worn by gentlemen.

Scientists wear 'small hat' tracking device sitford for alligators

Once the alligator is safely captured, the hat-like device is mounted on its back and then released again. Officials said they will use the satellite marking method to track adult alligators in and around the South Carolina Wildlife Refuge — for two years — to assess the animals’ habitat and habits.

“This data will allow researchers to understand where these animals spend their time and better understand how they use their habitats in different seasons,” the department wrote in a Facebook post.

Scientists wear 'small hat' tracking device sitford for alligators

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