Realme adds option to opt-out of ads in mobile system

Realme smartmachines will welcome software updates in early 2020, along with the introduction of a content recommendation system. Once installed, users will see ads such as app promotions and commercial links within the system. Of course, this business model is not the first of Realme’, with big names such as Google and Samsung posting similar ads on their phones. In the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen you see a movie ad for Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker on your phone.

Realme adds option to opt-out of ads in mobile system

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As a forward-looking company, Google is not the first to run such ads on Android smartphones.

For years, Samsung(devices like the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note) have also been advertising products on their phones.

Back in 2016, some Android devices had already blocked aggressive lock screen ads, but consumers weren’t happy to buy them.

Realme adds option to opt-out of ads in mobile system

In a community forum, the Realme team noted that they have introduced commercial content recommendations to ColorOS 6 and later systems, and that the company’s mobile phone users will see this part updated.

Ads appear on the Phone Manager App and Security Check Pages After Installing a New App. At the same time, according to relevant laws and regulations, the user’s privacy will be protected.

The good news is that if you can’t stand the idea that you’ve bought the device at full price and you’re looking at the ad, you can turn it off in Settings – Other Get Advice.

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