U.S. measles outbreak high Seattle bans unvaccinated students from school

The measles outbreak in the United States has been going on for a long time, and new cases are on the rise in some areas, with the north-west hit hard. In the face of a tough situation, Seattle’s kilometer school system had to make a difficult decision — to deny students who had not been vaccinated against measles. It is reported that this move is focused on safeguarding public health interests, to avoid schools become a paradise for measles transmission.

U.S. measles outbreak high Seattle bans unvaccinated students from school

(From: Seattle Schools, via BGR)

Students who have not yet been vaccinated against measles are asked to go to a free government office. The clinic is open Monday through Friday, so students have plenty of time and reason to do so.

The school system is maintaining records of vaccinators/unvaccinated people, and if parents choose to keep their children out of the holidays, they must keep their children in the house.

Local news reports say about 2,000 students’ outdated records need to be erased. Seattle Public Schools spokesman Tim Robinson said in an interview with KCPQ:

We are doing everything we can to attract more students to complete the measles vaccination and don’t want anyone to miss out on their education.

If parents remain stubborn lying to prevent their children from getting vaccinated, the ban on admission sonafters will be considered unprovoked absences.

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