Tesla’s monthly sales in the Netherlands top 11,000 vehicles

Tesla’s monthly sales in the small European country of the Netherlands have soared to more than 11,000 vehicles, and the Netherlands has overtaken Norway as Tesla’s largest market in Europe. This may help the company achieve its vehicle delivery goals. As of the morning of the 31st, the Tesla Model 3 sold 11,563 vehicles in the Netherlands in December.

Tesla needs to deliver about 105,000 new cars worldwide this quarter to reach the low end of its target of 360,000 to 400,000 this year.

Tesla's monthly sales in the Netherlands top 11,000 vehicles

Tesla’s recent surge in sales in the Netherlands has been durging as people rush to buy cars before subsidies expire at the end of 2019.

Tesla delivered more than 7,000 new cars in the Netherlands in the third quarter of last year, and could deliver more than 15,000 in the fourth quarter. The company’s fourth-quarter deliveries in the European market could reach about 40,000 vehicles.

If the U.S. and Chinese markets can each contribute 30,000 deliveries, Tesla’s quarterly delivery target of 100,000 vehicles will be fine.

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