Coca-Cola named top producer of plastic waste: Nestle Pepsi close behind

According to foreign media reports, “Break Free From Plastic” issued a statement to the 2019 pollution problem of large enterprises to assess the assessment, the assessment shows that Coca-Cola was named the most plastic pollution brands, Nestle, Pepsi in the second and third place. “Get Rid of Plastics” volunteers collected 475,000 pieces of plastic waste in more than 50 countries around the world in September, of which 11,732 were from the Coca-Cola brand.


Nestle came second in pollution, finding 4,846 pieces of the brand’s waste in 31 countries. Pepsi was third with 3,362 tablets.

In response to this assessment, Coca-Cola responded:

“It’s unacceptable for us that our packaging ends up in the ocean, or into any place we shouldn’t be.” We are working with other teams to address these important safety issues, both to reduce plastic waste in the oceans and to clean up existing pollution. ”

It is understood that not long ago, Coca-Cola launched 300 unusual Coke bottles. Some of the ingredients for these drinks are made from waste plastics recycled from the beach, a sign of Coca-Cola’s commitment to the environment.

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