Samsung Korea chip factory power outage : DRAM and NAND flash memory production suspended

Samsung Electronics Co. said Wednesday that some of its Huacheng chip plant has been suspended after a power outage of about a minute on Tuesday afternoon. Earlier Yonhap news agency quoted sources as saying that the power outage was due to regional power transmission cable problems, some dRAM and NAND flash memory production has been suspended, it is expected to take about two to three days to fully recover.

Samsung Korea chip factory loses DRAM and NAND flash memory production suspended

Yonhap quoted an analyst as saying the incident could help curb an increase in Samsung Electronics’ large chip inventory.

Samsung said in a statement Wednesday that it was inspecting the production line for a restart and was assessing the damage.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the accident could have cost millions of dollars in damage, but it did not cause significant damage.

In 2018, a half-hour power outage at Samsung’s Pyeongtaek plant cost an estimated 50 billion won ($43.32 million).

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