Tesla will give owners a snooze feature and a one-click wake-up call.

Tesla owners will soon be able to enjoy a new feature called Nap Mode, which will be pushed to owners in the near future through ota updates to the car software,media reported. In addition, this function can also set the alarm at the click of a button, provide wake-up service, but also automatically set up the car air conditioning system, to the owner of a good interior rest environment.

Tesla will give owners a snooze feature and a one-click wake-up call.

The “snooze mode” function is also very important for long-distance travel owners, because in many cases, car owners in long-distance driving, just want to take a short break, and not really want to sleep rest.

And in-car rest just to meet the needs of the owner, and do not have to bear the additional rest costs. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the owner will also be quite welcome for the “snooze mode” function.

In addition, the Snooze mode feature is somewhat similar to the recent “Camp Mode” launched by Tesla.

The “camp mode” was first introduced in Tesla’s 2019.40.50 software update, in which Tesla’s in-car power battery provides power to the car’s air conditioning, lighting, audio and video and even power equipment to meet the owner’s needs.

It also automatically manages the vehicle’s battery energy, minimizes power consumption under conditions of use, and automatically avoids battery depletion.

In addition to the “snooze mode,” Musk also confirmed that Tesla owners will soon be able to use Disney Plus, the streaming service that is now popular, to watch Disney movies, Pixar movies and more, a sign that Tesla is growing resources in its in-car entertainment system.

It has to be said that Tesla is ahead of all car companies in terms of innovation and continuous improvement of the car environment. Traditional vehicles from buy-to-let to scrap, it does not seem to change much.

But Tesla models are completely different, the previous locomotive system update, in addition to the vehicle system will add new features of the application, but also to increase the vehicle’s power and battery life, as if the vehicle also has life.

As time goes on and technology evolves, the vehicle’s own performance and configuration are increasing, and every Tesla owner will be very happy about that.

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