Hangzhou Zhongxin 12-inch large silicon chip line: can produce 2.4 million annual to fill the domestic blank

On December 30, Hangzhou Zhongxin Wafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd. announced that the first 12-inch semiconductor silicon polishing chip was successfully launched, another step in the company’s progress after the 8-inch large silicon wafer, which will change the situation in which large silicon wafers are mainly imported. The production of silicon-based chips need silicon waferas as raw materials, commonly known as large silicon wafers, from Taiwan, Japan, Germany, South Korea and other places five major companies have mastered more than 80% of the world’s large silicon wafer production, the domestic can now only meet 4-6 inches of large silicon wafers, 8 inches and high-end 12-inch large silicon chips mainly rely on imports.

The technical difficulty of large silicon chip mainly lies in purity and yield, in which the purity to reach 99.999999999999, the industry called 11 9, the purity requirements are very high, almost can not doped a little impurities, otherwise it will affect the performance of the chip, which is why the wafer factory production can not be arbitrarily shut down after starting, In the follow-up process, one careless will easily affect the purity, resulting in the wafer scrap.

Hangzhou Zhongxin wafer semiconductor is one of the major silicon chip projects in China, jointly invested by Japan Ferrotec Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Daisa thermal magnetic electronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shen Electronics Co., Ltd., On September 28, 2017, Hangzhou Zhongxin wafer Semiconductor Co., Ltd. officially settled in Hangzhou Qiantang New Area. The project has three 8-inch (200mm) and two 12-inch (300mm) semiconductor wafer production lines.

In February 2018, the construction of the Zhongxin wafer large silicon wafer project began. On June 30 this year, the first batch of 8-inch (200mm) semiconductor silicon polishing chips from Zhongxin wafers were successfully released, and on August 23rd, the first 12-inch process equipment was moved in, and 12-inch (300mm) silicon wafer production line was currently being commissioned.

According to the plan, Zhongxin wafer already has the capacity to produce 100,000 pieces of 8-inch silicon wafer per month, 12-inch wafer will enter mass production early next year, 12-inch semiconductor silicon wafer production line will be put into operation, the monthly production capacity can reach 30,000 pieces, and will be timely start 200,000 production line expansion, is expected to produce 2.4 million pieces per year in 2021, It will greatly alleviate the shortage of large semiconductor silicon wafers in China.

Hangzhou Zhongxin 12-inch large silicon chip line: can produce 2.4 million annual to fill the domestic blank

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