India launches moon landing project for Moonboat 3 probe

Indian Space Research Organization Chairman Xiwang January 1, 2020, said that the “Moon Ship 3” probe landing project has been approved to start, the current formation of the relevant team, the smooth operation of the work. Xiwang said at a press conference in Bangalore the same day, “Moon Boat 3” project will be launched on the basis of the “Moon Boat 2” project. The probe is expected to be launched by the end of 2020 or 2021.

India launches moon landing project for Moonboat 3 probe

As part of India’s first manned space flight program, the Gaganjan program, four men selected by the Indian Air Force will be trained in Russia from the third week of January 2020, according to Xiwang. The Gaganjan project is expected to be completed by 2022, when three Indian astronauts will be put into low-Earth orbit and will remain in space for about seven days.

Moonboat 2 is India’s second lunar probe. The probe was launched on July 22, 2019, but lost its link on September 7 when its lander tried to make a soft landing on the lunar surface. The Indian Space Research Organization has since made several unsuccessful attempts to restore communications, and there is widespread suspicion that the Lunar Ship 2 lander has crashed on the lunar surface. However, as part of the mission, the lunar orbiter remains in lunar orbit and is expected to remain operational for years to come with a series of experiments.

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