Insulting American police officers, McDonald’s was wronged this time.

On December 28 last year, a Kansas police officer said he was buying coffee at a local McDonald’s when a McDonald’s employee wrote the insulting language “— pig” on his coffee cup, NBC reported. The incident quickly began online, with netizens demanding an apology from McDonald’s.

Insulting American police officers, McDonald's was wronged this time.

29, the McDonald’s responded that after watching the surveillance video, they confirmed that no McDonald’s employees had done anything to write on a coffee cup.

On December 30, Detective Sergeant Brian of the Police Department, the police station at the scene of the incident, clarified this, saying that a further investigation had revealed that one of his officers had fabricated the whole incident.

The officer served in the U.S. Army and served in the local police department for only two months. The police department did not release the officer’s real name. Brian said the officer said he was just trying to make a joke and had resigned after the incident.

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