GameStop reveals Nintendo has 12 new Switch models to be released soon

With 2020 on track, Nintendo, which lacked a new release late last year, seems ready for something to do soon. Nintendo is about to announce a number of new Switch games in the near future, according to GameStop internal product data. GameStop, the world’s largest gaming chain, often gets information before games or hardware goes on sale.

GameStop has launched a number of Switch-related products before the 2019 E3 game show, which has since been confirmed. In addition to the Phantom Mirage SFE, which will be released in January, and “Warriors OrochiĀ  3” to be released in January, there are 12 unknown Switch platform games and three other unknown products on the platform, according to the release of GameStop in-house.

GameStop reveals Nintendo has 12 new Switch models to be released soon

Nintendo hasn’t released a new game since last September, and march’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” What more games will be available to Switch in 2020 after the launch of AnimalS Will haven’t been told yet, so there’s a great need for a face-to-face announcement at this point in time. According to last year’s records, Nintendo is likely to launch a new round of face-to-face publicity around February, when it is believed that more than a dozen games will be officially unveiled. Perhaps “TThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will determine the date of sale?

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