SpaceX is preparing for its first launch in 2020 and will launch on January 6.

2019 has been a busy year for SpaceX, according tomedia BGR. The company has made good progress on a manned Dragon spacecraft for nasa missions for its commercial clients (despite a very unfortunate setback) and started launching its Starlink communications satellite, much to the chagrin of astronomers around the world. 2020 will be an exciting year, with the company launching its first launch of the year on January 6. The mission was scheduled for December 30, but SpaceX had to postpone the launch for some time because of delays.

SpaceX is preparing for its first launch in 2020 and will launch on January 6.

As Teslarati reported, SpaceX’s unmanned barge, The Off Course I Still Love You, was recently discovered to be in its intended location and will serve as an offshore landing platform for the Falcon 9 rocket after launch.

The mission, known as Starlink-2 in itself, will be the third in the Starlink series, and the company plans to put 60 SpaceX mini-communications satellites into Earth orbit. This is the second time SpaceX has launched 60 satellites in one time.

SpaceX’s ambitious plan for starlink includes dozens of launches a year and thousands of microsatellites into Earth orbit. Properly positioned satellites will provide communication networks and high-speed data access to parts of the network that are currently missing. To achieve all this would cost SpaceX billions of dollars, but the ultimate payoff could be huge.

That sounds good, but not everyone agrees, and many astronomers have harshly criticized it for the potential impact the project will have on space observations. SpaceX is committed to working with astronomers to find ways to mitigate its effects.

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