NASA’s 2020 Promotional Video Brings More Expectations

2019 is an important year for NASA. The space agency spent a year conducting close-up studies of asteroids, preparing for an upcoming mission to Mars, and developing an Artemis mission to return astronauts to the moon. AND NASA SEEMS EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING ABOUT THE 2020 PLAN AND HAS SPENT SOME TIME PREPARING SOME PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS. In three minutes, NASA provided people with previews of all the major tasks, milestones, and new projects that will begin.

NASA's 2020 Promotional Video Brings More Expectations

“Sending Americans into space from the U.S. mainland, sending new rovers to Mars, and continuing to prepare for human flights to the moon is just some of the work NASA plans to complete in 2020,” NASA said. “NASA believes that sending astronauts into space from the U.S. mainland is one of the most important things.

By then, the agency believes, the fact that the commercial manned space program is expected to have produced results, and that neither Boeing nor SpaceX has yet delivered manned spacecraft, is a major concern for the space agency. Boeing’s Starliner and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon project sit through, but have yet to reach the finish line. Recently, during a test flight, the Starliner spacecraft’s timer malfunctioned, preventing it from reaching the International Space Station and completing docking.

Last year, SpaceX’s manned Dragon spacecraft exploded in a static test. Both unfortunate realities have delayed the schedule for a commercial manned space program, but NASA still hopes 2020 will be a year of more miracles.

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