Multiple parallel universes or solve the paradox of time travel

According tomedia reports, if you can cross the past and kill your grandparents, you can’t be born. That means no one will go back and kill your grandparents, so you’ll still be born. This means that … Wait, isn’t this a dead loop? This kind of head-to-head paradox has long plagued us and has been the inspiration for a series of classic sci-fi stories, such as Back to the Future. Canadian physicists have suggested that if there were so many parallel universes, this paradox might be solved.

Multiple parallel universes or solve the paradox of time travel

In a research paper published last month on the paper’s preprint site arXiv, they described a model that could theoretically pass through a wormhole from one timeline to another, which was “mathematically feasible.”

The authors note: “Our proposed ‘parallel cosmic solution’ holds that there are many different parallel universes in the world, each of which is about the same, and that each is mathematically in a separate space-time flow (Note: Flow is a topological concept, referring to a space with a European-style spatial nature, such as spheres, bent plane, etc.). As people cross into the past, they can move between different flow shapes. “

With multiple timelines, you can cross another timeline to kill your grandparents without causing any paradox.

But there’s a key flaw in this model: this kind of time travel is a lot of harm to your own timeline.

Geraint Lewis, an astrophysicist and dark matter expert at the University of Sydney, said: “This means that time travel means crossing between different historical lines, which is even more bizarre than traditional time travel. In a way, it doesn’t feel like time travel at all. Because even if you go back and kill Hitler, in your own universe, World War II will still happen, so what’s the point of doing so? “

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