Corellium team pleads not guilty: Apple itself is a jailbreak beneficiary

Apple has recently escalated its lawsuit against Corellium. Corellium is a company that provides iOS simulator frameworks for security researchers, providing a multi-year-long development of an iOS virtual machine (emulator) called Corellium. It can start virtual iPhones and iPads, as well as all versions of the iOS operating system it runs.

Corellium team pleads not guilty: Apple itself is a jailbreak beneficiary

With Corellium, hackers, security researchers, software developers, and testers can try everything they want on a device, whether it’s looking for security vulnerabilities or just testing their apps on different Apple hardware and software. It can pause, create snapshots, and roll back. You can also debug the app or iOS kernel by lldb.

In August, Apple filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida over Corellium’s mobile device virtualization solution, alleging that it violated multiple software rights owned by the company. Apple says it does not authorize Corellium to use iOS, iTunes or other user interface technologies in its tools. In October, Corellium filed a series of defenses and counterclaims against the lawsuit.

Apple’s lawsuit, which was amended by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in late December, has intensified, and while Apple has not declared jailbreak illegal, it has demonstrated that developing a simulator or similar iOS emulator to help develop jailbreak tools is infringing.

Apple points out that Corellium copies everything from code, graphical user interface, charts and everything else.

In response, Corellium issued a statement denying that it violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

It is understood that Corellium’s “relevant background” is this: Before making the infringement allegations, Apple encouraged Corellium to continue to develop the technology. During this time, Corellium was also approved for a security incentive program that is limited to invitees.

In response, Apple insisted that while the company was happy to accept and exploit the vulnerabilities submitted by Corellium, the latter had broken its promise to pay for them.

Corellium argued: “Apple has never hinted that it believes Corellium infringes its copyright. “

At the same time, the team accused Apple of using litigation to “fight jailbreaks” and said apples were seeking to eliminate precedents for public jailbreaks. Not only do researchers and developers rely on jailbreaks to protect end users, but Apple itself has benefited directly from the jailbreak community in many ways, the company’s head said. Many of the features of iOS, which first appeared as jailbreak gadgets, were eventually copied by Apple, including Dark Mode, Control Center, and the Context Menu Context menu.

Corellium is prepared to “resolutely resist” lawsuits from Apple, which will continue to seek a permanent ban to prevent the recurrence of similar products. Apple wants Corellium to destroy all infringing material scollected and compensate Apple for losses, profits and attorneys’ fees.

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